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Lucky’s Space Suit Exclusive

An interview with Playful Artist Brian Lindahl on the process behind the creation of this exclusive outfit.

by | Nov 4, 2019


re-purchasers of New Super Lucky’s Tale will see an exclusive, intergalactic outfit available in Geovanni’s costume shop in the hub worlds of NSLT.  In New Super Lucky’s Tale you can accessorize Lucky with unique and sometimes hillarious costumes, with more options becoming available to you as you progress through the game.

To get your hands on this exclusive Space Suit, make sure to pre-purchase the game through Nintendo’s eShop by November 7th at 7pm PST.

Interview with Playful Artist Brian Lindahl

So, how exactly did this exclusive costume get made?  We sat down with longtime Playful Artist, Brian Lindahl to learn how something like an in-game costume comes to be.

But to start, since Brian has been with Playful for so long, we thought it would be interesting to learn about the career path that a professional artist takes.  Here’s the interview with Brian.

What is your earliest memory you can recall of feeling like you liked drawing/illustration/art and knowing that you were good at it?

Thanks for asking.

This question gave me a nice moment to mull over what choices I made to make me choose a field in Art.  As a child living in Nebraska I remember loving to watch cartoons with a very deep almost neurotic passion. I remember watching Tarzan and Hanna Barbera’s Herculoids, Johnny Quest, Captain Caveman and later Spider-man and His Amazing Friends along with The Incredible Hulk. Such great times. The wonderful thing about being a kid was there were no clear definitions about what was correct or what was considered to be wrong. So illustration, drawing, coloring was just as simple as walking running or playing. It was just an extension of who I was and what I enjoyed doing. It wouldn’t be until much later when I was in school that I realized that my art work would set me apart from other children in class.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue art as a career?

Early on in the second or third Grade we had to pick a career we wanted to pursue as a, “Grown-Up.” A good friend of mine, who had an even stronger passion for art than I did at the time, took the effort to actually get a Newspaper Cartoonist to come to our class and speak. It was quite an event, and I got away with basically just riding my friend’s coat tails for this particular class project. 

Later in life, I didn’t realize you could make a living as an artist, until after college. I tried to break into comics but instead found a job as an assistant Art Director at and Ad Agency.  During my time at the agency I began working with several Commercial Artists whom we hired for various projects. It was during that phase of my career that I became determined to become a commercial artist myself.

What have been some of the highlights of your career so far?

As a freelance artist I had the privilege to do the art work for the very first Wolverine movie’s toy packaging. That was pretty exciting for me.

Do you have any interesting artistic pursuits outside of Playful work you’d want to share?

I see art and design everywhere and in everything. Learning new skills such as 3D, Video Editing, Wood Working, Welding, Painting and Sculpting are all wonderful creative outlets new ways to explore. My only enemy is time.

Creating the Space Suit Costume

Where did the idea for a Lucky spacesuit first come from?

I generally like to ask my colleagues for ideas they would like to explore or what they would find interesting. Other people are great resources to pull ideas from. Also it is rewarding to help share in fleshing out someone’s idea. The Space Suit was something that was initially thrown out there amongst a dialogue with multiple people. I did a sheet off of several costume ideas and enjoyed them all, it was the space suit however that became the winner.  We thought the Space Suit felt a little “digital”, and since the only delivery method we had for this type of exclusive was through a digital pre-pruchase in Nintendo’s eShop, it felt appropriate.

What was the process for coming up with the Lucky Space Suit costume?

Once we decided on the general Space Suit idea, I perused through Pinterest and found some old Buck Rogers style images that gave me some inspirational direction.  Then I did some small doodles and scribbles. After doing several loose gestures I lean back and twist turn and rotate the image until I see something in it.

Once I see it and have it in my mind it is pretty much downhill from there!

How to Unlock All of Lucky’s Costumes

Even if you don’t pre-purchase New Super Lucky’s Tale before November 7th at 7pm PST, you can still unlock literally hundreds of costume combinations just by playing New Super Lucky’s Tale.

Costumes can be found in the hub worlds of NSLT at Geovanni’s Costume Shop.  Costumes are unlocked as you progress, and you have the choice of “purchasing” the costumes with your hard earned in-game coins.

We look forward to seeing all of the your cosutme combinations in New Super Lucky’s Tale when the game releases this Friday, November 8th!



To see more of Brian’s work, you can check out his Instagram, here.

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  1. I pre purchased the physical. Kinda bummed we couldn’t get the space costume too :/

  2. Yeah. We wish we could’ve accommodated that, but the eShop pre-purchase was really the only vehicle we had to deliver this type of exclusive.


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