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We recognize it’s an absolute privilege to get to create the games that find their way into homes around the world, and that’s why our driving goal has always been to make games that bring people and families together. Our hope this year is that families of all sorts are filled with joy as they discover the world of New Super Lucky’s Tale. Enjoy your time together, and welcome to the Playful family!


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Enjoy these New Super Lucky’s Tale coloring pages with your family. If you want to share your creations with Lucky, just tag us on Instagram @playfullucky!



We believe that video games CAN bring families together, because play is a universal need!  So, we asked families to take the #luckyfamilygamingchallenge and tell us why they like to play video games TOGETHER.  

Here are a few of our favorites.

Our family likes to play video games together because it’s a great reward for when all the homework is done!”

Our family likes to play video games together, because we love competition and cooperative games!”

Our family likes to play video games together, because it brings us together in such a fun way.”

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