The Creatiscapes of Destiny Have Spoken

Everyone truly gave their best to our second Take Your Best Shot contest and it shows! With all of these displays of artistic ingenuity, creativity, and perspective, we had to get the whole studio involved in the selection process.

The contest’s challenge was simple: show us “amazing, thrilling, fantastical, horrific, and just plain awesome screenshots”. But pulling that off requires an ability to see the beauty in any situation. How do you capture the perfect angle of your friend’s build? What’s the best time of day to shoot an amazing naturescape? Rule of thirds, huh what now? Presentation and perspective were in the eye of the creator and key to creating unforgettable shots.

Well, we have no qualms these goals were surpassed.

The 15 winners are very deserving of that honor. In addition to having their world immortalized in the Creativerse halls of fame (our loading screen images), the winners will each receive a $20 Steam Gift Card and an Ultra-Rare Trophy Gauntlet skin of their choosing.

Without further ado, and presented in no particular order, here are the winners.

Cybertron-Vos-Base at Night by Starscream

“A terrific use of the galactic block set in a down-to-earth setting. I’d definitely spend hours teleporting from one end of the map to the other just for the chance to see this shot as a loading screen” –The Esteemed Brainsloth

Starscream’s build picks up on a creative use of arc signs to create a wonderful, well lit space. It is a testament to inventive design and careful planning that really ushers in a sense of wonder, perfect for welcoming players back to Creativerse!

Steampunk Castle by Saint_Aint

“This castle is a perfect Creativerse lair for block tinkering and hatching schemes. Maybe a Playfulverse cult or two.” –Jennifer, Operations

A potential lair, indeed. Every budding Creator needs one! Additionally, Saint_Aint’s build is impressive on its own, but it’s also a masterclass in visually striking lighting.

Sunset in the City by Rory

“This feels like I have gone on vacation to a small Italian village, where everyone knows your name. My new Zen place… ahhhhhhhh….” –DrEvilB, Franchise Producer

This is definitely a city we’d want to live in (along with our pets, of course!). Rory’s ability to capture just the right moment in the Creativerse sunset gives us a chance to ponder the good things in life a little while longer.

Fire the Sky by Illyncia

“…3, 2, 1, Happy New Year! What’s your resolution? Oh, I thought about not hurting poor mobs anymore, but those flowers look so much like tiny little Chizzards and now I’m HUNGRY!“ –Entuland, Support

Illyncia’s shot showcases a wonderful use of Ritzy Pigsy items AND inspires our dear Entuland to refrain from violence. Perfect!

Starship on Red Sky by Jayfeather

A poetically titled screenshot which inspired one of our devs to write his own:

Whisk me away to far off lands,
Where my universe is my creativity
And my ship is this masterpiece!
–Randy, Creativerse Designer

Josenopol by Hororogoro

“Reminds me of Dorne in Game of Thrones, post dragon war, after they’ve all moved to the one queen’s land. Or Sunny Spain!” –Playful B, Community

Hororogoro’s screenshot evokes a far away land, where the sun is always shining and the sunscreen is at the ready.

A Mysterious Orb by Dio the Creative

“Only the worthy are allowed to touch this twilight zone magic.” –Sam Barsoum, Artist

What else could we expect from “Dio the Creative” but an awe inspiring orb?

Peaceful Country Inn by Adora Lupinatu

“I adore this lush glimpse into a fantasy land. Walt would be proud! Come to think of it, It’s almost too inviting…. must be a trap! 🧐.” –Nick Pappas, Artist

Showing off the more elegant side of things, Adora takes us into a world that is a bit more medieval in nature, but, thankfully, way more serene than the history books recount.

Missing King’s Statues by OreO

“As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I consider the entries and realize this one’s best.” –Austin, QA

An amazing majestic build by Oreo that leaves us wondering, where did the Kings disappear from and who is looking for them?

Castle Neu Schawnstein by Adorany Reen

“Adorany has been responsible for jawdropping builds for a long time now. He almost always has a post in the ‘most popular’ tab on our screenshots Steam hub; find his stuff and prepare to be amazed!” –PlayfulDavid, Communications

Reen gives us a delightful interpretation of the Neuschwanstein Castle, a Fairytale castle that once belonged to the “Mad King”, Ludwig II. The castle, which is nestled in the foothills of Southern Bavaria (Germany) gets as 1.5 million visitors a year (see the original here) ! A visit to Reen’s world looks like a good alternative to fighting the crowds!

Campfire by Tsax

“This piece is so evocative! Like all good art, it is intriguing to look at and yet- unsettling! Or is that just my lunch?” –Playful B

Beyond the incredible amount of work it must have taken to stage this scene, the framing, lighting, and overall mise-en-scene are downright breathtaking. There’s somthing profound about the way these Mirus share this space together quietly, with their pet Pigsy (or perhaps Pigsy is a peer and the group is peacably co-existing). Thank you, Tsax, for giving us a moment of meditation!

Castle by Oddisej2

“This one immediately made me feel like I was in another world – that a single image could be so immersive made this one of my easy favorites.” –PlayfulDavid

An epic castle with a humble name is sure to capture the attention of many.

“Explore, explore, and then Explore” by Jarb2104

“I like torches. I like caves. Thumbs up.” –Brent, Engineer

We are tempted to keep going further and further, but what will we find? Only the bravest among us will dare…

City of Lumen by LightGOC

LightGOC notes, “With nearly 3K hours in game, this city has taken up about half that time.”

One look at the amount of detail and architecture design in this cityscape and you know they speak the truth!

Nature by Иришечkа

“This is a fantastically beautiful place created by the nature itself in our Creativerse-Pro world.” –Иришечkа

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, fellow Creator.

A special thanks to everyone who entered and shared their vision and time. We were truly rewarded to have witnessed the creativity and inspiration from the entire community, and would encourage you to check out our screenshot hub on Steam for more awesomeness. We could all benefit from taking a few moments to look at something awe inspiring and delightful!

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