Hi there Lucky fans!

You may be familiar with Lucky’s super tales, but have you experienced his origin story, Lucky’s Tale?

We just launched a remastered version of it on Oculus Quest 2 this week!

The original game is a 3D platformer we built from the ground up for virtual reality. This new version has updated lighting / rendering, performance optimizations, and remixed audio. We also included the new character model for Lucky from New Super Lucky’s Tale, and with it subtle refinements to Lucky’s movement control.

It’s available now on the Oculus Quest store.

Lucky’s Tale is the story of a brave fox on a quest to save his friend Piggy from the monstrously tentacled Glorp. As Lucky, players will run, jump, climb, and spin their way through a bright, colorful world full of charming, wacky characters, menacing boss battles, hundreds of secrets to discover, and exciting 3D platforming action.

While developing it, we were inspired by the idea of our childhood toys coming to life. Thanks to the magic of virtual reality, Lucky’s world comes to life in a way that hits different from traditional flatscreen games. The scale is such that Lucky feels like a toy come to life, yet the levels are still large and full of enough details that it feels like you’ve gone inside the world of a video game.

Become a hero and save the day in the groundbreaking game that started it all!