At last, the day is here!

The quintessential Lucky experience — New Super Lucky’s Tale — is now available on nearly every platform imaginable…

We had to draw the line somewhere though, and TI-89 calculators drew the short straw.

Lucky Swiftail — as you know — is the bravest fox who ever lived, and he’s on a quest.

He must save the Book of Ages, a magical artifact that opens doors to amazing worlds. If he doesn’t, it will fall into the hands of Jinx and the Kitty Litter, a villainous gang of kittens who want it for their own nefarious purposes. As you race to collect the book’s scattered pages before they do, you’ll find yourself on an adventure that hearkens back to a simpler time, when there were fewer polygons, weaker CPUs, and not nearly as many buttons on controllers, but nevertheless a plethora of classic platforming adventure games that are still amazing to this day.

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a modern spin on those classics! And starting today you’ll be able to experience it in glorious 4K resolution and 60 hertz (provided you have the proper hardware).

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a game where you find something new around every corner. New moves to master, new characters to meet, whole new worlds to explore. As we were designing this game, we tried really hard to never have anything feel repetitive, and the end result is a game that’s packed full of delightful surprises and endless variety that make this such a beloved genre. If you love platformers, or good video games, or having fun, you owe it to yourself to check it out!