The soundtrack for New Super Lucky’s Tale is finally available!!

We love game soundtracks. In our opinion, some of the most innovative and exciting music ever created by humans is found in game soundtracks. We don’t just enjoy them while gaming either. They’re great for every day listening. Some of us can’t code without a game soundtrack playing in the background.

Since launching New Super Lucky’s Tale, as well as its predecessors, we’ve been touched by the love people have for Lucky and his delightful tales, as well as the music that accompanies them. So it is our great pleasure to finally release the oft-requested official soundtrack.

Featuring a collaboration between Romain Gauthier, Aaron Brown, Chad Seiter, and David Chow, the soundtrack’s score can bring the the whimsy and colorful vibes of New Super Lucky’s Tale into your home, car, tree house, yurt, igloo—or anywhere else you can imagine going in 2020—long after you’ve collected the last clover page and earned the last achievement or trophy. (That was a long sentence, huh?)

You can find the soundtrack on all your favorite places for music…

We hope you enjoy it, and, once again, we sincerely thank you for being a fan of our brave little fox.

P.S. Lady Meowmalade’s boss battle track didn’t make the cut. It needed too much work and we didn’t want to delay the soundtrack any longer. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to release it as a single. Besides, Lady M would throw a fit if she didn’t get her own record.