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New Super Lucky’s Tale Arrives November 8, 2019

Are you a fan of 3D platformers? Do you own or plan on buying a Nintendo Switch? Are you an adorable anthropomorphic fox with opposable thumbs and a thirst for adventure? If you answered yes to any of those, we have a treat for you. New Super Lucky’s Tale is coming soon, and we can now reveal exactly when: the definitive Lucky experience is launching worldwide on November 8, 2019. That’s just 102 days from now (bummer for actual foxes: this will feel like 581 days). In just a few short months (or fox years), you and Lucky will be on a grand adventure together. You’ll climb incredible heights, jump over danger, burrow deep underground, and explore amazing worlds on an epic quest to rescue the Book of Ages from the nefarious Jinx and his Kitty Litter underlings! New Super Lucky’s Tale is a love letter to classic 3D platformers, featuring an incredible variety of gameplay with expansive hubs, story-based adventure levels, 2D side-scrolling challenges, rewarding mini-games, mind-bending puzzles, and thrilling boss battles. Designed for players of all ages and skill levels, this game is packed full of fun for the whole family. Get ready to leap into adventure by pre-ordering New Super Lucky’s Tale today:
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Until then, count down the (human) days until launch with us…









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