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The Top 10 Foxes of All Time

An important list of famous foxes, ranked in no particular order…

by | Aug 26, 2019


e are most certainly biased when it comes to famous foxes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate ALL foxes!

As we pondered all of the famous foxes that Lucky has joined in the fox pantheon of pop culture, we made a note of a few of our favorites.

Swipe through our Top 10 Foxes Gallery, ranked in no particular order:

Gallery: Top 10 Foxes

Whichever fox is your favorite, one thing is clear: being a fox is an effort, a MOOD, and a really cool club. 

But let’s be clear, Lucky will always be #1 in our eyes.

You can find out more about Lucky’s newest journey, New Super Lucky’s Tale, here.

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