The Under the Hood Update is Live

Greetings, Creators!

You may have noticed that the team has put out a steady stream of patches up until now, ironing out the wrinkles and swatting bugs left and right. Today’s update is similar but on a bigger scale, with particular focus on optimizing the game’s performance. This included an engine upgrade (Unity 2018), rebuilding old code, lots of tinkering and elbow grease, and extensive testing on the worst, most min-spec PCs we could find. As a result, the Under the Hood Update offers a smoother, more optimized experience, along with a bunch of smaller improvements and bugfixes. It’s certainly not the end of performance fixes, but it’s a pretty good foundation for more.

Patch Notes

Updates, Additions, and Tweaks:

  • Major Engine upgrade to Unity 2018
  • Mud is now craftable using Water and Dirt
  • Water no longer requires any mining cell to be pulled
  • Max view radius has been increased
  • Lava and Corrupted Water can now be pulled by Diamond mining cell
  • Hidden Temple and Medieval Chests no longer require Stone mining cell to pull 
  • Selection highlight in Action Bar is a little wider and easier to see
  • Gift Boxes are rotatable in any direction
  • Pet information window is simultaneously dismissed with its associated pet
  • Lilly pads can now be put in containers
  • Automatic text censoring logic has been improved to try and help reduce the number of false positives, i.e “Grass”
  • Assorted bug fixes related to engine upgrade
  • New graphics quality settings

Bug Fixes:

  • Pet bubbles render on top of water correctly
  • Glowing mushrooms are glowing again
  • Pets are properly dirty after harvesting (get the soap ready!)
  • New adventures show up under the New category
  • Fixed a few issues with Pets disappearing (i.e in some instances, pets that were told to “Stay” would either disappear or wind up clumped together)
  • Fixed a few issues related to player names (such as when a user is banned)
  • Decogorgeous Door disappears at the same distance as other doors
  • Blocky the Snowman is visible when placed in a container
  • Fixed snow caps spreading and showing up inconsistently (how rude!)
  • Fixed issues related to recipes not carrying over between worlds properly
  • Magic Snow Globe should no longer create snow when placed in displays
  • Fixed an issue that prevented purchase of block kits for a moss block-customized blueprint
  • All firework types give off sound effects
  • Sleeping in a bed for the first time no longer triggers a “New Area Discovered” message/ reveals a grid on the map
  • Mobs can now be attacked while they are in a teleporter
  • Customizing Curtains no longer create error blocks around them
  • Frozen Container no longer mysteriously hides itself after leaving and returning to an area
  • /setspawn should work again
  • @ and other symbols can now be correctly used in text fields regardless of the keyboard layout
  • Safe walk now prevents players from walking off slopes
  • Player preferences are now tied to your Steam account instead of the client

From Jeremy: “Small easter egg, when you save your costume customization in the menu, a high res screen of your character is saved to C:\Users\your user\AppData\LocalLow\PlayfulCorp\Creativerse\avatar”



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