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A Day in the Life of a Game Dev

And not just ANY game dev.  Meet Stephen Hurd.

by | Aug 20, 2019


eet Stephen Hurd, a Playful Studios developer! Being a dev can mean so many things but what does it mean deep in the heart of Texas? Stephen has the answers.

7:30 AM: Wake up and pick the most professional outfit you can find 

Repping that Creativerse t-shirt!

8:15 AM: Arrive at work. Sit in random chairs. (Playful Studios has a lot of great chairs)

I feel bad for these lonely chairs… no one sits in them, and we have so many of them. So, here I am, fulfilling my chair duty. 

10:30 AM: Chat with other devs while we figure out the espresso machine…

10:40 AM: Meet with my producer and see what’s on the agenda today

Depending on the production stage of the game, this could be anything from lighting to clearing levels.

(And sometimes cleaning my keyboard. Yuck. Not pictured…)

11AM: Quick break to organize desk collectibles.

1:00 PM: HUNGRY.

(I should really buy stock in Chipotle tbh…)

1:45 PM: Return from lunch, grab a Bubbly lime, a snack for later, and get to it

2:30 PM: Nap

Thanks Snorlax!

3:45 PM: Meetings and mischief

More food. The best meetings bribe us with food. Lots of food.

Ahhh, time for a nice drive. Podcast anyone?

Sleep and remember I get to make games, and that’s the best feeling in the world.

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