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To all the Lucky Fans on Launch Day

A letter from the Lucky Franchise Director.

by | Nov 8, 2019


ello you fearless fox fanatics!

My name is Dan Hurd, and I’m the director of the Lucky franchise, including our latest release, New Super Lucky’s Tale

By the time you read this, NSLT will be out and we’ll be free from the odd wait that happens after you send a game off and before it hits the shelves. It’s in that time where you’re all off-kilter and you’ve got no closure and you’re just huddled in the corner stress-peeling string cheese and thinking, yes, the game would be SO MUCH BETTER if you had just moved that one coin over a bit. You know the one… 

But you know what?

I’m actually so much more excited than stressed.

Why? This TEAM!

I’m staggered, yet again, by the passion, vision, and talent they have poured into the game. Without exception, they have lifted New Super Lucky’s Tale to a quality level I thought we’d never achieve. They reeled me back whenever I would start to lose sight of the goal, they were candid when we needed to take a hard look at something, and they were unflappable when the pressure was on. We worked through the inevitable mistakes with respect and love, taking those lessons to heart. 

The NSLT Team celebrating on launch day.

It is a complete joy to make games together with this studio, and the level of support and guidance we’ve received from Paul, the chiefs, the other game teams, our amazing community, QA, and OPS teams, and all the rest of Playful is the only reason we’re able to stand on the other side of this process with something quality. Thank you for pitching in when we needed help, for counseling when we needed input, and for illuminating when we were too blind to see. 

Finally, thank YOU. New Super Lucky’s Tale is inspired by our players, who prop us up with encouragement and feedback, and who are assertive about the need for more games like this. If NSLT couldn’t bring smiles and laughter to our players, then it wouldn’t have been worth making. 

Today marks a beloved moment for us, where our effort meets our players and we can finally see their reactions and hear their stories. It’s just the best! Please let us know what you think of Lucky’s latest adventure, and where you’d like to see him go next. 🙂 

From all of us here at Playful to all of you out there: thank you so very much for playing! 



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